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The ECM 2021 Costs and Subscription

We have calculated a total price of 250 euros. This is WITHOUT sponsorships.

Chances are high that we will get some sponsorship, which will bring the costs down to only 200 euros per person!!

For this you will get:

- 3 day Amsterdam public transport card

- Arrival drinks and flying buffet

- Pub visit or pub crawl with a few drinks

- 2 speaker/workshop events

- A special tour of Amsterdam

- A treasure hunt and lunch

- A fancy dinner in a restaurant

- Dinner with a local

- Comedy night

- Pub quiz night

- Amsterdam Boat Tour

- Dutch Pancake Lunch

- An amazing ECM full with new friends, creating great memories!

We have a special #coronaproof Subscription Method.

Yes we know, times are uncertain...and that is why we offer you more flexibility.

If you are interested to join ECM 2021, then we will request you to:

  1. Put the dates of the ECM 2021 in Amsterdam in your calendar and not plan anything else!

  2. Sign up via

  3. Reserve money for the ECM (250 euros) and travel expenses.

On 11th March 2021 we will decide if we continue or postpone the event. And when we go ahead, we will ask you for a 50 euros (50% refundable) deposit, to be paid 4 weeks in advance. The rest of the fee we ask you to pay on the day you arrive.

See you in Amsterdam!

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