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European Capital Meeting Update: Buy your ticket now!

IT IS TIME! The program is ready and the team of JCI Amsterdam International is ready to welcome you in Amsterdam on April 28 till May 1, 2022!

Please confirm your attendance by transferring the pre-payment of 100 euros. The other 150 euros you can pay up to one week before arrival.

The total price is 250 euros.

For this you will get:

- 3 day Amsterdam public transport card

- Arrival drinks and flying buffet

- Pub visit or pub crawl with a few drinks

- 2 speaker/workshop events

- A special tour of Amsterdam

- A treasure hunt and lunch

- A fancy dinner in a restaurant

- Dinner with a local

- Comedy night

- Party Night

- Amsterdam Boat Tour

- Dutch Pancake Lunch

- An amazing ECM full with new friends, creating great memories!

To confirm your attendance we ask you to transfer the pre-payment of 100 euros to:


NL86 INGB 0004 4008 17


Topic: ECM 2022 + your name

If Corona causes the event to be cancelled, you will receive 50 euros back and we can use 50 euros for financial losses. If there are less losses, you will also receive the rest of the money back.

Thank you and see you in Amsterdam!

ECM 2022 Organising Team

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