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European Capital Meeting Update!

We hope you had a great Summer!

Now, it is time to put the European Capital Meeting 2022 in your agenda!

Since lockdowns are over we are finalizing our plans for ECM 2022 in Amsterdam on 28 April- 1st May 2022. We will also celebrate Kingsday on 27st April.

Our topic is Diversity & Inclusion. Did you know that 50.5 % of the Dutch residents (in Amsterdam) are of non-Dutch descent? And that 10+ % of the Amsterdam are expats?

Amsterdam has more than the Red Light District. Our team has an awesome program to show you the real Amsterdam, by visiting multicultural areas in Amsterdam!

Please follow our page and website for upcoming updates.

PS The picture is from the Kwakoe festival, Europes biggest multicultural festival, celebrated yearly in Bijlmer area, Amsterdam.
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