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Change of Dates! ECM 2022!

Dear EMC lovers,

After careful consideration, we have come to the conclusion that April 2021 is not possible for hosting the ECM 2021 in Amsterdam.

We would like to ask your support for postponing the ECM to April 2022.

We will hopefully be able to host the event without any of the current corona restrictions, I know we are all looking forward to that.

To keep the ECM spirit alive, we like to propose to you the following:

- 23rd of April 2021: Online ECM Reunion and City Quiz, each JCI ECM city comes up with a question round about YOUR city! - October 2021: Online ECM Amsterdam & Diversity Evening - 28th of April 2022: The REAL ECM 2022 in Amsterdam

So altogether, we will postpone the event by one year, to be able to make it a physical event, but we want to keep the community and spirit alive through the events above!

Please message us if you have any questions!

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